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Fatherheart Sweden (fatherheartsweden.se) arranges meetings, conferences and schools with the aim that people will get to know God as a Father. Fatherheart Sweden is associated with Fatherheart Ministries and a part of Fatherheart World.

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I have reproduced Fatherheart Ministries about us page below


We are living in an age in history where God is revealing Himself as a Father in an unprecedented way.

We exist as a ministry:

“To take the revelation of the Love of the Father to every stream of Christianity, to every denomination,
to every country, every culture and finally face to face with every person”

Our Core Revelation is Sonship.

Living as His children with the hearts of daughters and sons.

We are finding that this prophetic revelation and sound biblical teaching of the Love of the Father working through hearts that are open is producing a transforming, lifegiving message of Love, Life and Hope throughout the earth.

Through His life, death and resurrection, Jesus has opened the way to the Father. He has now made us acceptable and in our time of need it is safe to approach Father and live in His presence.

We are finding a father that loves us with a love that reaches beyond all human expression of what love is. This truly is a love that surpasses knowledge.

Many are now finding what it means to finally find peace and come home to a place of rest after years of striving, obligation and performance.

We lead week-long A Schools, B Schools, 3 month schools as well as ministering in churches and conferences throughout the world.

FHM Schools are an environment of revelation of love. Here many throughout the world are experiencing of the love that Father has for each one through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Fatherheart Ministries was founded in Pasadena California in 1997 by Jack and Dorothy Winter and James and Denise Jordan. Ministry teams are now based in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. We are also ministering increasingly into the USA, Canada and South America

Fatherheart Ministries is a Charitable Trust registered with the New Zealand Charities Commission.

Ben and Cathrine’s involvement

Our relationship is the result of the revelation of God’s Fatherly heart. Cathrine’s story to follow….

Ben has worked with the leadership of Fatherheart Sweden with administration,  website development, encouragement and whatever else he can do to support the ministry! The founder of Fatherheart Sweden, Per Franzen, has become one of Ben’s closest friends in Sweden. It has been a privilege to attend conferences run by Fatherheart Sweden and the very first A school run by Fatherheart Sweden in Hedemora, Dalarna in the middle of Sweden in May 2015.

Again we are grateful for financial and prayerful assistance. We are delighted that friends of the ministry were able to fund the translation of a key book, called in English “From Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship” by Jack Frost in 2014, (“Finn Vilan vid Guds Fadershjärta” in Swedish – Find rest in Gods Fatherly heart) and we dearly hope to make as many resources available as possible in Swedish. Most people in Swedish are excellent at English, but there is nothing like reading in your own language. We have been working to create a webstore on the website to make as much material available as easily as possible in Sweden.


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