Bottnaryd Pentecostal Church

Pingst Bottnaryd


We attend Bottnaryd Pentecostal Church. You can visit the website here. This is also where Cathrine and I married in March 2013.

We appreciate our little church family so much. We have received much love here!

I have created a digital copy of the document that contains the history of the pentecostal church in Bottnaryd and am currently translating this…will post when finished. It gives a fascinating insight into the impact of the Swedish Pentecostal Revival in this area. A few minutes down the road from us is a place called Nyhem, and one week every year the Pentecostal movement still has a weeks camp here (, held continously since the 1920s right near the start of the revival. I understand that the event grew from a gathering of the Pentecostal pastors in this area of Sweden, who started taking their families when they gathered annually and which then grew to become an open festival with revival style big-tent meetings. It was only relatively recently that a local Christian businessman funded the building of a permanent hall in place of the deteriorating tent. This hall is now the home of the semi-professional Innebandy (Floorball) team called Mullsjö AIS. The pentecostal church that was at the centre of the revival here has since left Nyhem, which is just a handful of houses and relocated to the larger town called Mullsjö which is just down the road.


You can listen to our latest talk at church below (27.9.2015) and download the accompanying notes on the link below the audio file.


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