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Hej från Sverige! Hi from Sweden!

Ben’s Story

I was born on the 3rd of July, 1973 at 67 Wellfield, Hazlemere, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England! Yes, I was born at home. I was the second child born to my parents, Ruth and Clive Dyke, who although both from Liverpool, had relocated ‘down south’ near London after University in Liverpool, in order to work for Plessey, an electronics firm. My mum and dad bought a house in Hayes, Middlesex, where my sister Johanna was born, but had bought it from a couple who told my parents they were moving to Hazlemere to be part of a church plant, in the early days of the charismatic renewal in England in the 1970s. My parents must have kept in touch with this couple, as a couple of years later they moved to Hazlemere, where I was born.

Early life and church!

My parents were both Christians when I was born. Both my grandfathers had worked on the docks in Liverpool in poorly paid work. My mums father was a strong Christian and was involved with Liverpool City Mission and their work on the docks. My dad’s father and mother started attending a small evangelical fellowship in Liverpool as adults, when my dad was already born. I was grateful to be brought up by Christian parents, who took me to church from birth and introduced me to my heavenly Father. I had such a great experience in the little house church my parents belonged to. It was a wonderful, loving family, operating in the spiritual gifts, with wonderful, intimate worship times. I fell in love with Jesus here and have no recollection of not knowing Him in my heart. I have a vague memory of going to my age group meeting at a Christian conference week and giving my heart to Jesus (“inviting Jesus to be my friend”) but I am not sure how reliable that is! I remember that instead of listening to the long sermons at church (Sunday morning and evening!) I often read the Old Testament stories and that is how I fell in love with God! I just liked him in the OT stories! I liked his sense of righteousness, his loving nature and his complete power over all things. People like David became heroes to me for how they related to God.

I got baptised in the fellowship house/meeting place bath aged 11! I am grateful for the prophetic words I received then as they still speak powerfully in to my life! Its amazing how these seeds were placed in me from birth and they were called out aged 11 by the Holy Spirit working through people in my little church, even though they only became true in adulthood!

When the church relocated in to High Wycombe, my mum and dad left to be part of a remnant that stayed meeting nearby. At this point I started going to Holy Trinity, Hazlemere which is Church of England, but it was also a charismatic, evangelical church. The youth group and the Sunday evening services here were an important part of my early teens. When I was 14 my parents moved us all up to Heswall, Merseyside to be nearer to their parents towards the end of their lives. This was painful for me. I had to leave everything that mattered to be behind, all my security. I was angry and frightened! But it didnt take long for me to realise that God had been in the move and saved me from various things (my best friend from the church youth group fell away from church, starting getting involved in stuff, I was being bullied at school and on the bus by the kids from my primary school that also went to my secondary school – awful experience!).

All this was different on the Wirral. I fitted in at school straight away. It helped that my parents were from Liverpool and that I supported one of the Merseyside teams, Everton.

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